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21st November 2018 Stand Up for Faith and Freedom Wednesday 28th November

14th November 2018 Great Progress in Construction Work at Redemptorist Health Centre, Mbanza – Ngungu, DRC

12th November 2018 A Pilgrimage from South Africa to Redemptorist Centres in Italy

12th November 2018 Annual National Convention of Confraternity of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Nigeria

12th November 2018 Conclusion of the Regional Assemblies of the Vice-Province of Nigeria

9th November 2018 Popular Mission in the Matadi Vice Province

7th November 2018 Remembering the Pioneers of the Region of Zimbabwe

2nd November 2018 Redemptorists Celebrating in the Matadi Diocese


25th July 2018 Ordinations and Perpetual Profession in the Vice Province of Madagascar 

25th July 2018 Eighth Assembly of COREAM

10th April 2018 Extraordinary Visit of the General Government and the Assembly of the Vice-Province of Luanda

2nd April 2018   Kimpesi Maternal Health

27th March 2018   Mavambo Trust 

27th March 2018    The Extraodinary Visit of the General Government in Ouagadougou (Burkina-Faso)

27th March 2018     Extraordinary Visit by General Consultors to DR of Congo and the Election of New Vice-Provincial Council

22nd March     2018 Tapalogo HIV

20th February 2018 Redemptorists Deliver On Education in Zimbabwe

15th February 2018 COREAM Coordination and Restructuring Committee meet in Rome

15th February 2018 Redemptorists Host Education Learning Event in Zimbabwe

12th February 2018 Lent 2018

8th February 2018 Joyful Celebrations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

8th February 2018 ‘Harambee’ Kinungi, Kenya

22nd January 2018 An Interview with Redemptorist Students in Maputo, Mozambique

22nd January 2018 Redemptorists Begin A-New in Mozambique

9th Janurary 2018 Fr. Raymond Mupandasekwa, C.Ss.R appointed the Bishop of the Diocese of Chinhoyi

18th December 2017 New COREAM Coordinator Freezes into New Role

12th December 2017 Mass of Thanksgiving, Kenya

11th December 2017 Ministry of a Redemptorist Brother Profiled

11th December 2017 Redemptorist Bookshop, Harare, Zimbabwe

11th Dcember 2017 The Visitation of the General Government to the Harare Assembly

2nd October 2017 Results Based Management with Mavambo Trust in Zimbabwe

31st October 2017 Redemptorists Building Capacity in the Democratic Republic of Congo

31st October 2017 A Message from Isaac Curt Davies to the Redemptorists

31st October 2017 Temporary Profession of Six Young Men in Nigeria

18th October 2017 Reflections on Accountability and the Solidarity Office

17th October 2017 Solidarity Office Team in Action

17th October 2017 Vice Province of Nigeria Activities

28th September 2017 Fr. Zephyrin Luyila Ndongala, C.Ss.R, is appointed as the new Coordinator

28th September 2017 The III Phase of General Chapter of COREAM

25th September 2017 Final Profession in Zimbabwe

18th September 2017 Redemptorist Mission Kenya, Open a New Community

18th September 2017 New Intern for Redemptorist Solidarity Office

18th September 2017 Two New Redemptorist Priests in Kenya

15th September 2017 Reds and Associates Focused on Results

12th September 2017 Thousands Celebrate Perpetual Help in Nigeria

11th September 2017 Redemptorists Open A New Parish in Burkina Faso

23rd August 2017 Fr. Emmanual From Burkina Faso Completes an Internship in the Redemptorist International Solidarity Office

23rd August 2017 Fr. Stephem Rehrauer, C.Ss.R talks on “Amoris Letitia” at Holy Trinity College in Harare

8th August 2017 Preaching in Solidarity with our Mission

17th July 2017 Niger Redemptorist completes studies in Arabic and Inter-Religious Dialogue

10th July 2017 Angola: Parish Niger Redemptorist completes studies in Arabic and Inter-Religious Dialogue Mission in Lobito

5th July 2017 Emergency Appeal

3rd July 2017 COREAM commences work on new Resource Centre

27th June 2017 Seven Young Kenyans have commenced their vocational journey

26th June 2017 Redemptorist Bursars Training in Kenya

29th May 2017 Annual Retreat of the Vice-Province of Luanda, Angola

18th April 2017 Welcome to the Novices

6th April 2017 Feast of St. Clement in the Vice-Province of Matadi

16th March 2017 Lenten Fast 2017

19th February 2017 World Day of Social Justice

30th January 2017 Fr. General celebrates Holy Mass at St. Alphonsus House Rome, along with his council

30th January 2017 Mustard Seed Flourishes in Nigeria

24th January 2017 New Priest Ordained in Ghana

1st January 2015 Malcolm Salida Joins Soildarity Office

29th June 2014 Impressive Work in Kenya by Redemptorists and Solidarity Office

10th May 2014 Redemptorists Building Bridges of Hope and Partnership in Zimbabwe

6th May 2014 Solidarity Office Inspiring sanitation triggering process in Zimbabwe

17th December 2013 Solidarity Office At CORAT in Kenya

3rd December 2013 Excellent Solidarity Office Projects in Kenya

1st December 2013 Redemptorists in Kenya Building Bridges of Hope

27th November 2013 Redemptorists Preaching and Giving Witness on the Closure of the Year of Faith

26th November 2013 Redemptorists at CORAT Africa

21st November 2013 Redemptorist Church becomes evacuation centre

21st November 2013 Triptych handed over to Redemptorists in South Africa

21st November 2013 Glimpse of the Redemptorist Funded Latrine Construction Programme in Zimbabwe

21st November 2013 Redemptorist volunteer involved in Development Work

15th November 2013 Welcoming Francis Marimbe CSsR into the Solidarity Office

29th October 2013 Redemptorists Report from Namibia

25th September 2013 Solidarity Office Visits Zimbabwe

25th September 2013 CDFC Meeting in Dublin

25th September 2013 COREAM Meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe

25th September 2013 Irrigation Project, Zimbabwe

28th June 2013 Report from Materdomini Formation Community, Nigeria

30th May 2013 First Redemptorist Parish Mission in Mozambique

9th May 2013 Brother Francis Marimbe reports from Zimbabwe

4th April 2013 Malezi Kenya Newsletter Launched

21st March 2013 Ordination of Rev. Christian Ewoenam Klu C.Ss.R

1st March 2013 March 22nd – Fast Day 2013

28th November 2012 Mission Engagement in South Sudan

28th November 2012 COREAM Coordination Meet in Narobi

27th November 2012 Redemptorists Celebrate 25th Anniversary in Nigeria

26th November 2012 Ministering to Prisoners in Niger

24th November 2012 Redemptorists Celebrate 10th Anniversary in Mozambique

21st November 2012 Redemptorists Complete Building of School in Lufuku, Congo

5th November 2012 Course for Redemptorist Bursars

11th October 2012 Ordination of Fr. Isaac Curt C,Ss,R

17th September 2012 The Gift of Disability

28th August 2012 New Mission Celebration

4th August 2012 Noviate News from South Africa

3rd August 2012 First Zambian Redemptorist Ordination

3rd August 2012 Silver Jubilee of the Vice Province of Nigeria

3rd August 2012 New Mission on Mozambique/Malawi Border takes shape

3rd August 2012 Hope in Abundance in Ghana

3rd August 2012 Redemptorist Bursar’s Benefit from Skills Training Programme

3rd August 2012 Profession of Dominic Kofi Ampomah Gyankye

2nd August 2012 COREAM Gathers in Madagascar

2nd August 2012 Invitation to Open New Mission in Cameroon

18th April 2012 Redemptorists Celebrate 100 years in South Africa

23rd February 2012 CDFC Meets in Rome

12th January 2012 Redemptorists Launch a new Africa and Madagascar Website

21st December 2011 Redemptorists to Open New Mission on the Mozambique/Malawi border

1st September 2011 Redemptorists Provide Emergency Relief to Drought in the Horn of Africa

20th August 2011 COREAM meets in Assembly

28th June 2011 Redemptorists Announce Funding for Effidaye Rural Development Project in Niger

28th May 2011 Students Initate Community Vegetable Garden in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso