This month the Solidarity Office for Africa and Madagascar welcomes  Francis Marimbe C.SsR  who has been appointed to work with  Gerrard O’Connor CSsR. Br Francis is from the Region of Zimbabwe  currently working as the Development Coordinator for Caritas in the Archdiocese of Harare. His appointment  comes in as  a breath of fresh air to this office as there is a lot of work that needs to be done. His presence will add value to the work of  the Solidarity Office . He is currently in Ireland for an induction with the Solidarity Office  preparing for his new appointment. His role and responsibility will include:-

  1. Assist strengthening the capacity of units on project development  and implementation.
  2. Assist on raising funds to support  the Redemptorists ambitious mission plans in Africa and  Madagascar;
  3. Support capacity building to ensure  adherence to international best practice in good governance, financial transparency and accountability;
  4. Assist monitoring and evaluating progress around the project implementation;
  5. Assisting   the potential  of the Redemptorists perpetual partnership relationship with the  people  of Africa and Madagascar;
  6. Networking with all the units in Africa and Madagascar;
  7. Updating the website;
  8. Advisory role to development work;
  9. Coordinating activities, meetings and any other duties  assigned by COREAM and the Solidarity Office.

After three weeks of induction in Ireland, he  will then travel to Kenya to attend and coordinate the Project Cycle Management Training Course,  Management Course for School Managers and Bursar’s Training  from 24th November to 13th December. We would like to wish  Francis all the best in his new appointment.