Emergency Appeal

Over her life-time, a Congolese women faces a one in 30 chance of dying from complications arising from pregnancy and childbirth, with poverty cited as the main trigger of maternal deaths.

The Redemptorists in the Democratic Republic of Congo are actively working to reduce the rate of maternal deaths and infant mortality rates in the Kimpese Health Zone.

The Kimpese Health Zone is a large geographical area of around 3900km2 where roads are often impassable and people live in dispersed rural poor communities.

In Kimpese, the Redemptorists launched a ‘Holistic High Risk Pregnancies’ programme and through the ‘Safe Motherhood’ training programme reached 9,749 women (5,802 pregnant women, 3,677 non-pregnant women.

In 2016, there were 324 Caescerian deliveries in Kimpese Health Zone. Each Caescerian intervention requires an Emergency C-Section Kit.

Each C-Section Emergency Sections Kit costs €46/$51. Health Clinic’s  in the Kimpese Zone, charge €59/ $66  per  C-Section operation. The average monthly family income per family in the Kimpese Health Zone is €11/$13 per month.

Can you help?

The Redemptorists are seeking help to purchase Emergency 200 C-Section Kits at a cost of €46/ $51 each in 2017 and to be able to pay the operation costs for 100 women at a costs of €59/$66 per operation.

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