Tete – Mozambique

The Dublin Province (Ireland) and the Vice-Province of Fortaleza (Brazil) have, in partnership, commenced a new mission in August 2011. This is based in the Tete region on the Mozambique/Malawi border, an area of great pastoral need occupied by the Chichewa people, living mainly in Malawi, but also in Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

tete mozambique

Following four months of visits to  different dioceses the confreres have identified two mission stations for consideration by their provincials.  The first of these is the district of Macanga, centred around the town of Furancunga in the Diocese of Tete, Mozambique. Macanga is a totally abandoned area of 6999km2 with a people calling out for pastoral care.

The second option is Kanyaama, a mission station in the Diocese of Dedza, Malawi.  At 1500m above sea level it is an area full of life with primary and secondary schools, a fine church and a people who are crying out for pastors.

Further information will follow.

You can view more images from our work in Tete – Mozambique here.