Redemptorist Bookshop, Harare, Zimbabwe

My name is Brother David Nyamuronda, I am Redemptorist brother in the region of Zimbabwe. I am in charge of the Redemptorist bookshop in Harare. Redemptorist bookshop sells a variety of spiritual and theological books. Redemptorists are well known in Zimbabwe for mission preaching and in our bookshop there also is  a section on homiletics from different scholars like Fr. Dennis McBride C.Ss.R and others. Our preaching and mission is also seen through our publications.

We sell various books, ranging from Catechism books, Daily Devotionals, Motivational Books, Homilies

and Children’s Books.

 In store we also have Rosaries, Crucifixes, Alter Candles, Vestment, Chalices, Ciboriums, Incense and Religious          Statues.

(Source: News Item from David Nyamuronda C.Ss.R.)