COREAM Coordination and Restructuring Commission Meet in Rome

The COREAM team of Fr. Zephirin (DRC) and Fr. Sean (South Africa) and Fr. Gerry ( Solidarity Office) , along with  the General Consultor from Africa and Madagascar , Fr. Nicolas (Niger) met with Fr. Joao Pedro (Angola) and Fr. Wilfred (Nigeria) . Together this group make-up the Restructuring Commission for Africa and Madagascar. The Commission met in  Rome  from February 12th to 14th . The Commission immersed itself in the General Chapter 2016 documents , and Guideline Documents prepared  by the General Government . Great efforts were made to identify Missionary Priorities for Africa and Madagascar. A detailed analysis of the wounds that impact in the lives of the people of Africa and Madagascar was completed. There was a strong sense of affirmative praise for the excellent pastoral work that Redemptorists offer to over 2 million people on a daily basis in Africa. Migrants and young people and people living on the peripheries of society and the margins of the Church began to emerge as missionary priorities . A detailed questionnaire was prepared for circulation to a Redemptorist Units in Africa to assess missionary dynamism and availability . The Commission will meet again in April in Nairobi to work on a draft plans for the July  COREAM Assembly. The Commission is off to a good start , and are hopeful for the future. The Redemptorists are witnesses to the Redemeer in twelve countries in Africa and Madagascar. There is a dedicated commitment to be present to the wounds that impact families , communities , individuals and societies in Africa and Madagascar .