World Day of Social Justice



Today is World Day of Social Justice, and now more than ever, the global community needs to work together towards a world free from conflict and oppression.

We actively encourage our partners, communities, supporters and friends to express and exhibit their global citizenship every day. This could be as simple as being aware. 

Being aware of your place in the world is the most important part of your identity as a global citizen. Ask yourself, where are your clothes from? Your food? Your phone? We rely on people all across the world,


Every. Single. Day.

This is not a simple one way transaction. We produce, we buy, we import, we export, we rely on each other and this must be celebrated! However, we must also note the injustice and inequalities that lie within our interdependent world – unequal pay, unfair trade deals, gender inequality, to name a few. This is why our awareness of our global citizenship is so important, and YOU can actively contribute to making our world a more equal and fair home for all of us. 


Every single one of us has the ability to make a positive difference to our world. This could be as simple as buying fair trade, volunteering at home or overseas, advocating for causes you believe in, raising awareness and campaigning on the different development issues facing our world – while also seeking and promoting positive stories of development. The more we understand each other and our world, the easier it will be to work towards a common goal. 

Let’s make our everyday actions count and fight for social and global justice.