Integral evangelisation of the poor

Understanding Integral Evangelisation

The Redemptorists are messengers of Plentiful Redemption. We understand that Integral Evangelisation is focused on God’s mission rather than on any specific programme of Church-extension. The Church’s mission has its origin in the mission of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. God’s mission rooted in God’s plan for the whole universe, is characterised by God “ generously pouring out, and never ceasing to pour out, his divine goodness, so that he who is creator of all things might at last become ‘all in all’( 1 Cor 15:28)”. Salvation is not just individual, but social and cosmic and embraces all dimensions of the human. The mission of the Son and of the spirit and the mission of the Church are in furtherance and at the service of this mission. God’s own mission is ongoing everywhere and at all times and embraces all aspects of reality, transforming them and leading them to the fullness that has been destined for them (Eph 1:10).

The Redemptorist Model of Integral Evangelisation

The Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar are committed to a model of Integral Evangelisation whereby we see all our missionary endeavours contributing to the positive physical, spiritual, economic, psychological and social transformation of the people we serve. The Redemptorists are particularly committed to working with people who are living in poor communities.

Accomplishing Integral Evangelisation

The Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar are immersed in a programme of integral evangelisation through:

  • Immersion in 52 challenging parish and mission areas;
  • 4 Designated Mobile Mission Teams engaged in outreach to migrants, refugees, pastoralists, young people and communities on the margins;
  • Publication and communication initiatives in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Congo;
  • Development of a National Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Nigeria;
  • Radio stations that connect, educate, inform, and transform;

Measuring the fruits of Integral Evangelisation

The Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar believe that our model of Integral Evangelisation yields results:

  • Progress is being made in helping people to receive their absolute basic needs for food, water, sanitation, health, shelter, education and information;
  • Poor people are being empowered to make choices, take part in actions and decisions that affect their lives;
  • There is evidence of increased participation by poor people in advocacy to address structural injustice and to protect the vulnerable;
  • Christian communities are becoming stronger and more sustainable, where gospel values are cherished, where Jesus Christ is proclaimed and honoured through, worship, prayer and the service of the poor;
  • More and more lay people and young people are pursuing education opportunities to deepen their Christian faith and pursue vocations and careers in the service of people;
  • Civil society and politics are benefitting from thoughtful and perceptive Christians engaged in citizenship projects and taking leadership roles to advance aims in the interests of the common good;
  • Increased attention to the Care of the earth and land with programmes of good stewardship leading to sustainable development, and reverence for the Creator and creation;

Images from Redemptorist Mission Stations: