The Redemptorists in Niger have secured important funding to help the pastoralist community of Effidaye in Niger. The project aims to strengthen the food security base of 600 Touareg nomad families living in the rural area of Effidaye located 82.5km west of Tchirozerine, Niger.


The Redemptorists are committed to delivering:


1. The establishment of food cereal banks;

2. The construction of two water wells;

3. The provision of micro-credit to Touareg women to help fund the purchase and breeding of goats and sheep;

4. Capacity building and education on agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, pesticides etc.


Niger is subject to periodic food crises. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking last on the United Nations Development Fund Index of human development. Most of Niger’s population are poor subsistence farmers who are dependent on their environment, where even the slightest disruption may be disastrous. Effidaye is home to the Touareg people who are nomadic pastoralists engaged in subsistence farming.


The Redemptorists are supporting the nomadic Touareg people by developing programmes that address:


1. The serious food deficit and food security context;

2. The poor nutritional status of women and children;

3. The lack of clean uncontaminated water resources;

4. Inadequate income generation options for local women;

5. Capacity deficit in terms of gender equality and agricultural know-how;