The Archbishop of Yaounde in Cameroon has persistently asked the Redemptorists to consider opening a new mission at Nsimalen in the Diocese of Cameroon.


The Coordination team of the Conference for Africa and Madagascar asked Frs. Nicolas Ayouba and Arnaud Guy Agbossaga to visit Cameroon to consider the request from the bishop. The request is to develop a sanctuary at Our Lady of Peace of Nsimalen where the local people believe that Our Lady appeared.


Frs. Nicolas and Guy visited on July 12th and 13th where over 2000 pilgrims gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the apparition of Mary at Nsimalen.


A report will now be presented to the Redemptorist Conference Assembly in Madagascar in August where the request from the Archbishop of Cameroon will be given every consideration and carefully discerned.


Further information about this possible mission will be publicised in on the website and in future editions of RUNFAM News.