Results Based Management Training with Mavambo Trust in Zimbabwe

The Mavambo Trust is an initiative of the Redemptorist’s in Zimbabwe . The Mavambo Trust is dedicated to supporting orphaned and vulnerable children in community settings. The Trust has a particular focus on supporting children whose lives have being turned upside down because of HIV and AIDS. The Trust offers nutritional , educational and learning opportunities for acutely vulnerable children . The Mavambo Trust is a priority project of the Redemptorist Conference for Africa and Madagascar. Redemptorist Br. Ben Posvo plays a key leadership role in advancing the Trust’s mission.
Mavambo Trust, located in Mabvuku/Tafara, Zimbabwe participated in Results Based Management Training this week.
The training was being attended by staff (13) from various departments across the organisation including finance, programmes, M&E, social care, child protection etc. The facilitator, a Professor in the Department of Social Work at University of Zimbabwe and owner of the consultancy firm Virtuous Consultants, has extensive experience in delivering similar trainings to large NGOs and used a very interactive and participatory approach. He was accompanied by 2 research assistants.
Nelson, the Head of Finance and Admin for Mavambo, said that this training;
will help in the preparation of budgets as I now have an appreciation of activities from a programme point of view rather than a mere budget line. With the knowledge that I have acquired, I will be able to question programme staff and ask if the activity is actually achievable and if money has been included for the measurement of objectively verifiable indicators to ensure that we do not incur unexpected costs and everything is budgeted for‘.
 Gideon, M&E Expert, noted that from the training he has learned that;
more emphasis needs to be placed on engagement with community stakeholders during the project design phase. Previously beneficiaries were treated like receivers, not decision makers. Now I have learned we must ask them ‘what do you want us to do for you?’ It has also taught me how to distil information and report in a concise manner, highlighting the outputs, outcomes and impact of the activity. This training will improve future funding proposals as we are learning how to forumate clear log frames’.