Perpetual Preachers 

Proclaiming the good news and igniting the hearts and minds of people all over the world is integral to being a dedicated and committed Redemptorist.  We are bearers of messages and stories of redemption.  Redemptorists are committed to telling the story of Africa and Madagascar with passion and conviction focusing on the amazing people we minister to in Africa and Madagascar.  We welcome opportunities to speak about our African mission  and to share the news of  our work, the lives of those we serve, and our hopes for the people of Africa and Madagascar.


Mission Appeals 

Mission Awareness ministry through preaching in parishes and churches is a traditional way of connecting the people of different continents.  It is also a helpful way to generate voluntary contributions and donations in favour of our mission.  The Redemptorists are committed to Mission Awareness work on behalf of Africa and Madagascar.


Preaching Opportunities

The Redemptorists would welcome new preaching opportunities where we can engage in Mission Awareness and Mission appeals.  If you can help open a new preaching for the Redemptorists to promote our African and Madagascar Mission, please make contact with the Director of the Redemptorists Africa and Madagascar Solidarity Office, Gerry O’Connor C.Ss.R. who can be contacted at