Hope for the Aged in Kenya

In line with the Theme of the General Chapter for the sexennium, “Missionaries of Hope in the Footsteps of the Redeemer” the community and parish at Kinungi in Kenya has organized a health camp under the banner of Ethel Foundation for the Aged, started by Fr. Cornel Omondi, C.Ss.R., Superior and Parish Priest of our parish at Kinungi, Nakuru Diocese, Kenya. About two hindered elderly people benefitted from the camp by way of free medical check-ups, medicine, and Christmas gifts, consisting of various food items and warm clothes. 

Ethel Foundation reaches out to the most abandoned poor, especially, the elderly neglected by their family members. A number of young people under the banner of the Ethel Foundation come forward to help the elderly, irrespective of their creed and tribe, by way of offering them companionship, and spiritual and material help. Seeing the good works done by these youngsters, a few non-profit organizations contribute generously on special occasions like Christmas and Easter.

With the help of doctors, nurses, and staff from Nairobi Hospital for Women, Rotary Club, Catholic Men, and Women Associations, and other voluntary agencies the health camp was a huge success. Kudos to Fr. Omondi and Ethel Foundation!

Fr. Paul Pazhangattu, C.Ss.R.

Mission Superior

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