Seven young Kenyans have commenced their vocational journey

Seven Young Kenyans have commenced their vocational journey with the Redemptorists. While on a monitoring visit to Iruma, Kenya to review progress on educational projects, Fr. Gerry O’Connor C.Ss.R. was delighted to meet with seven new students who have joined the Redemptorist Formation Programme in Kenya. They commenced their studies just four weeks ago and will live for a year in the Redemptorist community in Iruma. This Redemptorist community is about 4.5 hours drive from Nairobi. In this initiation year, the new students will learn about Redemptorist spirituality and life. Gerry O’Connor enjoyed conversation and banter with the seven students and was astonished to discover that 3 of the students support Manchester City with only one supporting Manchester United!

Redemptorist’s all over the world warmly welcome James, Dominic, Anthony, Humphrey, Dismas, Mathias and Samuel.