Twinning Relationship

Mutual Sharing 


A Twinning Relationship is an experimental process for a community to develop an awareness of Mission through a relationship with a community in Africa & Madagascar.  It is the coming together in an active, mutual and on-going commitment at all levels.  It brings people together in a mutual sharing of resources, faith and common witness to the mission of the Gospel and involves crossing over into other cultural, economic, political, linguistic and religious environments.

Redemptorist Parishioners in Burkina-Faso

Redemptorist Africa & Madagascar Twinning Model 


The Redemptorists offer a wide variety of twinning programmes with Africa and Madagascar.  We support twinning programmes between the rest of the world and Africa and Madagascar in the following ways:

  • School to School Twinning
  • Parish to Parish Twinning
  • Novena to Novena Twinning
  • Youth Group to Youth Group Twinning
  • Shrine to Shrine Twinning
  • Retreat House to Retreat House Twinning
  • Radio Station to Radio Station Twinning
  • Magazine to Magazine Twinning
  • A mixture of all the above

Important Features


The twinning programmes involve key elements operating under a thoughtful and robust system.  Twinning relationships involve:

  • Moments of prayer;
  • Communication;
  • Cultural sensitivity;
  • Engagement with justices;
  • Broad based strategies;
  • Fundraising;


 “Parishes often act as islands of local religious activity rather than as parts of the mystical body of Christ… A parish reaching beyond its own members and beyond national boundaries is truly a “catholic parish”….  Parishes need to be more Catholic and less parochial.” – Call to Solidarity by the United States Bishops 1997.


For more information about exploring the potential of a twinning relationship email Gerry O’Connor C.Ss.R. at