Redemptorist missions in Madagascar

The Redemptorists have been present in Madagascar since 1967 and now have some 7 communites and work in 6 parishes, namely, Vohemar, Ampanefena, Alasora district, Anjiro, Vondrozo and Andilamena where there are 160 Redemptorist mission stations.

Work with the poor of Madagascar, who are found especially in the countryside and on the peripheries of the cities forms the core of our work. We are engaged in teaching thousand of children, adolescents and young people and caring for the sick in our dispensaries. Meals are provided for the children in all our schools and a bi-monthly lunch is provided for the poor of Alasora district and prisoners in Vohemar.

All our communities have areas where we develop our pastoral work and missionary activities, particularly our ministry for youth and vocations. We have established a group of Lay Redemptorist Associates and in all our parishes we engage with the Parish Pastoral Council.

Fr. Roger Raharijoana Vice-Provincial of Madagascar

You can view images from our work in Madagascar here.

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