The Conference of Redemptorists for Africa and Madagascar met in Nairobi in Kenya from August 21st to August 28th 2011. Involving delegates from thirteen countries in Africa and Madagascar as well as representatives of the General Government of the Redemptorists and other international representatives, the Assembly pursued an ambitious agenda focused on strengthening the Redemptoirist mission in Africa and Madagascar as well developing its model of perpetual partnership with the people of Africa and Madagascar.

Redemptorists at COREAM gathering in Nairobi

The Assembly worked on developing s Strategic Plan focused on four specific priority themes. It also finalised the Statutes  that will govern the administration of the Conference. Extensive attention was given to the issue of Child Safeguarding through a workshop delivered by an international expert. The participants took time to visit and appreciate the Redemptorists Mission in Kenya. It was also a wonderful opportunity for Redemptorist confreres to enjoy fraternal and liturgical and prayerful days and evenings together.