The Redemptorists commenced their missionary endeavours in Ghana in 1994 with the arrival of Redemptorists from Colombia. The mission in Ghana has faced many difficulties and challenges and setbacks. There are hopes now that the mission is entering a new phase of its history with the wonderful news centred on the first ordinations for the Redemptorist in Ghana.


On June 27th 2012, the Ghana mission celebrated the ordination of Divine C.Ss.R. and Cajetan C.Ss.R. Divine is from the Volta Region in Ghana and Cajetan is from East Nigeria. These ordinations will help the mission to develop their mission initiatives in Ho and Kumasai. The mission rejoices in the presence of Christian who is preparing for final vows and Mark and Gerard in Theology 1 and Seth and Paul and Matthew who will celebrate their first profession in August, and Paul who is beginning his novitiate, with Nathan and Bride starting Philosophy 2 and Gilbre and Rudolph in Philosophy 1.

Frs. Guilhermo, john Baptist and Christian are all from Colombia and have shown great dedication and commitment to the mission.

We are delighted to share with you photographs of Divine Darbey from Ghana and hope that in time we may receive photographs of Cajetan.