Democratic Republic of Congo

Redemptorist missions in DRC

The Redemptorists have been established here since 1899 and have twelve communities at present. Our mission is focused on our commitment to the poor. War has led to widespread poverty and the most abandoned are orphans, handicapped and displaced persons, street children and the unemployed with whom we work.

We also work with humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, the Lillian Foundation and USAID. Our Professional Training Centre for unemployed youth in Mbanza-Ngungu teaches shop mechanics to vulnerable young people who have no formal education. We have health centres in Matadi and Miyamba responding to the health needs of those in the poorest areas of the cities.

Preaching parish missions continues to be a priority and we have on-going pastoral visits to rural villages and communities. In addition there are retreats, days of listening and discernment and seminars of formation. Our apostolic work is conducted in collaboration with catechists and other committed lay people.

Evangelisation is also conducted through a catholic radio station “Vuvu Kieto” (Our Hope) which is the most listened to radio station in the region.

Fr. Zephirin Luyila CSsR Vice-Provincial of Democratic Republic of Congo

You can view images from our work in the Democratic Republic of Congo here.

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Kinshasa – Résidence Vice-Provincial


T. R. P. Supérieur Vice-Provincial
Procure Sainte Anne
Kinshasa B. P. 1800
République Démocratique du Congo


Quartier: Kemi (Righini)
Avenue: Mbanza-Ngungu, N° 1
Commune de Lemba
Kinshasa XI
République Démocratique du Congo


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