Humanitarian response to the Tropical Cyclone Gamane in Madagascar.

In response to the devastating impact of Tropical Cyclone Gamane on the communities of Ampanefena and Vohemar in the northeast of Madagascar, the Redemptorist Solidarity Office (RSO) in Cork, Ireland has swiftly initiated a humanitarian response. Striking on March 26, 2024, Cyclone Gamane left a path of destruction, displacing over 1200 individuals who are currently seeking refuge in makeshift shelters. The scale of the disaster is staggering, with 1700 homes flooded, 826 structures damaged, and 442 completely destroyed. Additionally, 320 homes have been obliterated, and 350 hectares of crucial rice fields are submerged, posing a significant threat to food security in the region.

The RSO has allocated €15,000 to the Redemptorist Vice Province of Madagascar as financial support to address the immediate needs of the cyclone-affected communities. Thank you to Misean Cara for the generosity support. The humanitarian response is structured around three key areas: shelter assistance, nutritional support, and healthcare provision. The initiative aims to provide immediate relief by distributing essential shelter materials, including metal sheets and basic tools, to help families construct temporary homes. Additionally, 10 tons of rice and other food items will be supplied to address immediate nutritional needs, while medication kits will be provided to prevent diarrheal diseases among children, addressing critical health concerns in the aftermath of the cyclone.

The overarching goal of the initiative is to mitigate the impact of the cyclone and prevent further loss of life in the affected communities. By providing timely assistance and support, the humanitarian response seeks to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the disaster and contribute to the recovery and resilience-building efforts in Ampanefena and Vohemar.

The humanitarian response initiative targets individuals and families directly impacted by the cyclone, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable seeking refuge in the Redemptorist communities in Ampanafena and Vohemar. Selection criteria prioritizes those displaced and facing threats to food security, based on assessments conducted by the Redemptorists in collaboration with local authorities and community leaders.

The RSO’s commitment to serving vulnerable communities in times of crisis underscores its dedication to restoring hope and resilience. Together, let’s join hands to aid the recovery of these communities affected by Cyclone Gamane, as the needs are still enormous. Immediate shelter, food, and healthcare interventions are underway, and your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected. Join us in supporting the recovery efforts in Madagascar’s Redemptorist Vice-Province.

Br. Léon Masiala Phuati

Redemptorist Solidarity Office (RSO)

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