Solidarity Office Team in Action

The Redemptorist Solidarity Office gathered for five days of strategic planning at Scala, Cork, Ireland. Isaac Davies C.S.s.R who is about to take up a new role as Solidarity Project Officer in Nairobi, Kenya travelled from Zimbabwe for the induction training and planning. Malcolm Salida, the Finance Capacity Officer and member of COREAM Development and Finance Commission (CCDFC) also travelled from South Africa for the Solidarity Office gathering. Said Buehlen, from Germany who is commencing his internship year with the Solidarity Office, met with Isaac and Malcolm for the first time.

The planning meeting focused on:

  1.  The new COREAM Resource Office in Nairobi
  2. Development Projects
  3. Communication Strategy
  4. Policy Development

One full day was devoted to Monitoring and Evaluation policies, strategies and practices. This was a joined learning session with Eileen Hoffler and John McCarthy from SERVE.