Tapalogo HIV

The Redemptorist Conference for Africa and Madagascar (COREAM) are supporting Tapologo’s HIV/AIDS Programme in South Africa since late 2017. Tapologo was founded by Bishop Kevin Dowling (Redemptorist) of the Catholic Diocese of Rustenburg and Sr. Georgina Boswell in 1994. It was founded in response to the HIV epidemic in this region, exacerbated by the existence of large informal communities which developed alongside some of the world’s largest platinum mines. There is extreme poverty within these communities.

The target groups consist of large numbers of migrant and mobile populations who are declined access to basic human rights by holders of power. Tapologo follows a best practice community care model in seven poor communities. Tapologo are focused on ensuring that poor people with HIV receive and maintain appropriate treatment regimens. They also work to prevent people acquiring HIV. The work supported by COREAM, with support from Misean Cara, includes:

  • An Outreach Programme which has two components – (a) Home Based Care visits by trained community healthworkers; and (b) Anti-Retroviral Treatment Programme which benefits over 1,000 people;
  • A Wellness Centre Programme which provides general healthcare within the community, TB screening, HIV testing, community awareness campaigns which cover HIV and general health issues and support groups for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS;
  • A Development Programme to ensure that the seven Wellness Centres meet good standards of health and safety and have adequate capacity to manage patient numbers


In total, approximately 1,500 people are benefitting every month from this work.


COREAM has supported capacity building initiatives at Tapologo since 2006. The COREAM Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 places emphasis on services and support to migrants. It prioritises health as a theme and we are committed to supporting Tapologo in their important work.


Please check this page for further updates throughout 2018.