Redemptorists are committed to Integral Evangelisation. One aspect of this commitment, is that Redemptorists seek to share good news with young people, through strengthening their educational opportunities. Redemptorists believe that education, as well as being a basic human right, it is also a gateway out of poverty.

The Redemptorists are responsible for a mission in Chiweshe, a rural region over 100km from the capital city, Harare. The Redemptorist Solidarity Office for Africa and Madagascar has supported the Redemptorist region of Zimbabwe, since it commenced its presence in this rural mission in 2013. The Solidarity Office helped the mission by sourcing the funds to purchase a mission vehicle. Following a needs assessment, the Solidarity Office has worked with the Redemptorists in Zimbawe to:

1. Build a new Community Resource Centre at Marongwe School in Chiweshe;

2. To build Teacher Accommodation;

3. To purchase 20 school computers;

4. To purchase 210 student chairs and 200 desks;

5. To deliver 7 Flash toilets and a toilet for disabled students;

6. To renovate a dilapidated Science Laboratory;

7. To deliver a School Borehole and water reticulation system

The good news is that there is an educational dividend emerging from this investment in education, with a dramatic increase in the examination pass rate. The Redemptorist commitment to supporting education is seen as very good news for the community in Chiweshe.

The Redemptorists are also making progress in building a small community house to support the mission immersion.

Enjoy the photographs of the school investment and new Redemptorist Community House