Redemptorists celebrating in the Matadi diocese

The Redemptorist Vice-Province of Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo

On September 30, 2018 at the Sacred Heart  Parish of Mbanza- Ngungu , in the Matadi diocese, the redemptorists shared a great  joy. In a liturgy led by Bishop Daniel Nlandu Mayi, bishop of the local  diocese,  Fr Daniel Bruce Bongo Elaye  was ordained a priest and Fr Hugues Kadiambiko Nsala with Fr David Mateus Voso Ngoma, were ordained deacons.  As well as family members, friends, redemptorists and local priests and lay people, the gathering was blessed with the presence of Fr. Chalers-Alain Pululu,  President of the Conference of the Major Superior of Congo (ASUMA).

In the same liturgy,  prayers of  thanksgivings were offered for Fr Zephirin LUYILA, the current Coordinator of the COREAM. Fr Zephirin  with all the people gathered , rejoiced in  the Silver Jubilee of his  priesthood (25th anniversary).  Indeed , Fr Zéphirin was ordained as priest by Frederic Cardinal ETSOU Nzabi at Kinshasa  on July 25,1993 with another confrere Fr Auguste Moanda Phuati. This confrere Fr.  August, was lovingly  remembered. Fr. Auguste  works in France as missionary priest.

The mass was beautifully  accompanied by the parish choir.  During his homily  the Bishop stressed the qualities, that a good  priest requires, to minister to the troubled world. He argued  that our Church needs praying priest and those preaching Jesus effectively and begged priests not to settle for mediocrity.

As  a symbol of this Jubilee, the  vice -provincial Superior gave a candle to Fr Zéphirin and a Pontifical blessing (coming from the Vatican). That candle  means that the priest has to work and walk in Jesus’ footsteps  which is the Way, the Life and the Truth.

Written by Fr Zephirin LUYILA , CSSR

COREAM/ Nairobi