Mission Projects



The Redemptorists believe in the intrinsic dignity of every person. Our hope is inspired by the Redeeming message of Christ.  We journey with the poor and disadvantaged communities.  We share our tradition, our faith, out gifts, our resources and our lives with the people we serve. We work hard at being good stewards of all the resources entrusted to us.  We are committed to the principle of partnership in mission.  We have great trust in the guiding goodness of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We are immersed in a perpetual partnership with the people of Africa and Madagascar.


This section, gives a glimpse of our mission, it reveals how we turn our priority themes into reality. This section will be regularly updated with new mission initiatives, progress and mission stories and projects not profiled in this website at this time.

We invite you to return regularly to visit our mission features and to become a friend and partner of the Redemptorists.

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