Solidarity with Ukraine

International Solidarity

The Irish Redemptorists and Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar remain deeply perplexed by the unfolding tragedy being inflicted on the Ukrainian population as the Ukraine courageously defends itself from an inexplicable war unleashed by Russia.

The Redemptorists are working at nine different levels to support Ukrainian families:

1. Shelter for fleeing families

In the Ukraine, the Redemptorists are present in the North of Ukraine in (Chernigiv/Tschernihiv) close to the Russian and Belarus border. The Redemptorists are also present in Berdyans’k in the East of Ukraine. Redemptorists are present in several locations in Lviv and in Kovel and Hinizdychiv and Novojavoriosk, all close to the Polish border. The Redemptorists are present in Kamianex’-Pedil’skyj close to the Moldova border. Redemptorists are also present in Ivano-Frankivs’k and Ternopil in Centre west and also in Vinnytsia.

In each of these locations the Redemptorists have opened their houses, halls and churches as sanctuaries and shelter for fragile and fleeing families.

2. Ukrainian Border Solidarity

In the border region of Novojavoriosk about 25km from the Polish borders, the Redemptorists are delivering food, blankets, water to the 30km tailback of vehicles trying to travel into Poland, and where families wait for days before being able to pass.

They have opened Care centres and Halls to offer wrap-around services to fleeing families. The Redemptorists are helping people who are fleeing towards the West of Ukraine to find accommodation in public buildings and have established a camp for fleeing families.

3. Food and Orphan Support

In Ivano-Frankivsk the Redemptorists have created a welcoming space for over eighty orphan children and their carers who have fled the besieged city of Kharkiv. The monastery kitchen is preparing meals and high energy biscuits for elderly and disabled people who cannot leave their flats and homes. They are baking fresh bread daily and sharing the bread with fleeing families gathered in halls and public building.

4. Besieged City Solidarity

In Chernihiv the Redemptorists like most other citizens are stranded for large parts of the day in basements as their city and local communities are bombarded. When possible, food and reassuring supports are offered to vulnerable people who cannot move from their basements.

5. Medical Aid

The Redemptorists have delivered over 50 ton of medical supplies to five different hospitals in different regions of the Ukraine

6. Polish Border Solidarity

In Poland Redemptorists are working at six different border points to support refugees as they flee Ukraine, as well as connecting refugees to safe accommodation.

7. Slovakia Border Solidarity

In Slovakia, the Redemptorists have opened four centres to welcome and host refugees fleeing Ukraine.

8. Reliable Corridors

The Redemptorists have established a warehouse resource facility and have successfully transported in convoy- food, medicines, generators, blankets etc., specialised medical equipment, hygiene kits into Ukraine.

In Ireland:

9.1 Limerick

TheRedemptorists are members of the forum established by the City Council to coordinate the response to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine in Limerick. The Redemptorist Perpetual Help Fund has allocated funding to Doras and Simon in Limerick to help support newly arriving refugees from Ukraine.  Further funding is now being allocated to support the Simon food bank facility.

9.2 Cork

The Redemptorists are networked into the humanitarian organisations channelling humanitarian supplies to Ukraine and also working to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugees into life in Cork.

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