Organisational Restructuring

Restructuring for Mission

Redemptorist structures of government and administration are always at the service of the mission. Restructuring for Mission should stimulate a re-awakening of our core objectives and should prompt a new availability for mission. Restructuring for mission should seek out and accompany the most abandoned, especially the poor. Solidarity in mission includes an ability to optimise resources, both human and financial.


New Conference Structure for Africa and Madagascar

The pastoral challenges facing Africa and Madagascar and other regions of the world, demand from the Redemptorists a structure which facilitates wider missionary discernment and decision making. The New Conference Structure known as COREAM provides such a forum, thus avoiding the tendency toward provincialism while still taking local needs seriously. In this manner, the Conference is assisting the General Government in its governance of the Congregation. The Conference provides a forum for collaboration in the areas of priority themes, high level goals, missionary initiative, personnel, the establishment of international and inter-provincial communities, formation, finances etc.


Organisational Development 2011-2014

The Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar recognise that in order to achieve its key strategic objectives that it needs to have a high quality, professional organisational structure. The Conference for Africa and Madagascar needs strong and capable personnel, financial management and IT and learning systems. All of this needs to be achieved at a competitive cost. The Conference is also committed to strengthening the policy framework around areas such as Integral Evangelisation, Child Safeguarding etc. The Conference is also committed to developing and implementing a Communications and Fundraising Plan. The Conference recognises the need to invest in the coordination team to help them to be effective, efficient, and lead and learn with other organisations as appropriate.


Governance 2011-2014

The Conference is committed to ensuring that systems around accountability and transparency are fully developed and strengthened. It is a priority to support the Assembly, so that it is empowered to make good decisions and learn how to monitor and evaluate effectively. The Conference will continue to accurately assess risk, in the new difficult economic climate, and taking into consideration political and economic changes that are emerging in Africa and Madagascar. The Conference will actively assess the impact of the new Conference Model with the General Government of the Redemptorists and other Redemptorist Conferences throughout the world.


Images of Redemptorist Planning meetings: