Priority Themes

Africa and Madagascar Plan 2011-2014

The Redemptorists work in thirteen countries in Africa and Madagascar and on a daily basis serve over 2.2 million people.  The Redemptorist Conference for Africa and Madagascar through two Assemblies held in Ouagadougou in 2010 and Nairobi in 2011, sculpted a Pastoral and Resources Plan through a participative strategic planning process.  The plan acts as a catalyst to advance the dynamic and energetic mission of the Redemptorists to bring good news to the communities and people we serve with a special preferential option to accompany and support the poorest and most abandoned.


Redemptorist priority themes 2011-2014:

The Conference has identified four specific priority themes:


High-Level Goals 2011-2014

The Conference is committed to the achievement of six High-Level Goals:

  • To strengthen our capacity and missionary outreach in Africa and Madagascar to achieve a developed model of integral evangelisation in each of our units, missions, parishes and pastoral initiatives (High-Level Goal 1);


  • To improve the quality of life of those we meet through mission by striving to offer a vision that brings hope and skills and perspectives for daily living (High-Level Goal 2);


  • To implement strategies that help empower local communities where we serve to strive to be communities characterised by justice, peace and reconciliation (High-Level Goal 3);


  • To actively support and network and advocate with other partners around themes of  Justice, Peace and Reconciliation that impact directly on the people we serve and minister to (High-Level Goal 4);


  • To implement a dynamic Formation Programme for Redemptorists and Lay partners to build the skills base in the pursuit of our mission priorities around integral evangelisation and justice, peace and reconciliation (High-Level Goal 5);


  • To ensure the highest standards of governance and organisational structure to help the Redemptorists implement their mission in Africa and Madagascar (High-Level Goal 6);