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RUNFAM is the Redemptorist Units Network for Africa and Madagascar.  It is a constituency of Redemptorist Provinces, Vice-Provinces, Regions and Missions specifically dedicated to supporting the Redemptorist Mission in Africa and Madagascar.  Redemptorists Units participating in RUNFAM are committed to:

  • Strengthening the capacity of the Redemptorsts in Africa and Madagascar to respond  to challenging missionary and pastoral needs;
  • Funding the priority themes and organisational structures approved by the Redemptorist Conference for Africa and Madagascar;
  • Networking internationally to help establish an array of partnerships that help the Redemptorists develop its model of perpetual partnership with the people of Africa and Madagascar;
  • Promoting the invitation to people in their home countries   to Get Involved in the range of programmes offered by the Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar;
  • Acting as advocates and persuaders for the priority themes articulated by the Redemptorist Conference for Africa and Madagascar;

The RUNFAM structure is facilitated by:

  • Scheduled meetings between RUNFAM and the Redemptorist Africa and Madagascar Conference Assembly;
  • A Designated newsletter, called “RUNFAM NEWS”, and regular progress report circulated to RUNFAM members;
  • Incorporation of the Congregation priority in favour of Africa and Madagascar into the working agendas of each of the Redemptorist Conferences;


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