Redemptorist’s Building Capacity in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


By Gerry O’Connor CSsR

The Redemptorist Vice Province of Matadi ( RVPM) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has projects and communities in Kinshasa, Mbanza-Ngungu, Kimopese, Matadi-Maurice, Kitambo, Myamba, Luzon, Righini. The DRC is characterized by prevailing development challenges, fragility and dreadful poverty. The Redemptorist Solidarity Office for Africa and Madagascar and RVPM aspire to developing a credible, capable, resourced and results oriented development wing of RVPM, so as to share good news and good results for people living in acute poverty . RVPM serve the people of DRC through targeted health , education, skills training and income generation projects .

The Redemptorist Solidarity Office with funding received from Misean Cara during October 2017 are conducting a Capacity Needs Assessment of structures, personnel , projects so as to enhance the capacity of RVPM to implement decisions and perform duties in an effective , efficient and sustainable manner, in order to increase the chances of delivering consistently good development results.

Dr. Jackson Wachira is leading the Capacity Needs Assessment. Jackson is accompanied by Malcolm Salida from the Redemptorist Solidarity Office and Br. Leon Masiphuati from RVPM.

We are working towards a Strategic Capacity Building Plan, that we believe will help Redemptorist Health, Education and Skills Training programmes to reach some of the poorest people in the world . Please see the attached photographs that capture the work of the Capacity Needs Assessment Team and the people and projects the Redemptorist’s serve in DRC.