Solidarity Office

The Redemptorist Solidarity Office for Africa and Madagascar plays a pivotal role in building the capacity of the Redemptorists in Africa and Madagascar.  The mandate of the Solidarity Office is focused on:

  1. Strengthening the capacity of COREAM to plan strategically;
  2. Raising funds to support the Redemptorists ambitious mission plans in Africa and Madagascar;
  3. Ensuring the highest adherence to international best practice in good governance, financial transparency and accountability;
  4. Monitoring and evaluating progress around the priority themes of COREAM;
  5. Reporting to and building partnership relationships with international agencies and organisations;
  6. Growing a fund for Africa and Madagascar to maximise the potential of the Redemptorists perpetual partnership relationship with the people  of Africa and Madagascar.

The Procurator for Africa and Madagascar Fr. Gerry O’Connor C.S.sR.  is supported by a commission represented by Mr. Malcolm Salida from South Africa and Fr. Lorenzo Gasparro C.Ss.s.R. from Madagascar.

The Solidarity Office acts at the catalyst and resource centre for Redemptorist Africa and Madagascar Partnership groups (RAMP Groups).  RAMP is a movement in favour of strengthening the bonds of partnership with the people of Africa and Madagascar through the Redemptorist mission network.  There are RAMP groups in parishes, schools, colleges and connected to magazines and shrines and radio stations etc.

The Solidarity Office Team Includes:

Gerry O’Connor CSsR

Solidarity Office for Africa & Madagascar:


Castle Road,




T12 YV52

Mobile: (+353) 872320295


Solidarity Project Officer

Isaac Davies CSsR

Based in Nairobi, Kenya

Finance Capactiy Officer

Malcolm Salida

Based in Cape Town, South Africa


Social Media Director,

Len Wolters

Based in Scala, Cork, Ireland

COREAM Resource Office,

26 Tree Lane,


Nairobi 00502,


+254 788729033