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Redemptorists are committed to Integral Evangelisation. One aspect of this commitment, is that Redemptorists seek to share good news with young people, through strengthening their educational opportunities. Redemptorists believe that education, as well as being a basic human right, it is also a gateway out of poverty. The Redemptorists are […]


In 2013, the Redemptorists initiated a new rural mission in Chiweshe (about 2 hours drive from the Capital, Harare).  A needs assessment completed by the Redemptorists , highlighted the the need for investment in education infrastructure. The Redemptorist parish team in partnership with the Redemptorist Solidarity Office and with funding […]

Redemptorists host Education Learning Event in Zimbabwe

The COREAM team of Fr. Zephirin (DRC) and Fr. Sean (South Africa) and Fr. Gerry ( Solidarity Office) , along with  the General Consultor from Africa and Madagascar , Fr. Nicolas (Niger) met with Fr. Joao Pedro (Angola) and Fr. Wilfred (Nigeria) . Together this group make-up the Restructuring Commission […]

COREAM Coordination and Restructuring Commission Meet in Rome