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The Redemptorists in the Vice-Province of Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo, rejoiced in a liturgy of thanksgiving, celebrating the opening of a new Pediatric Section, to the Redemptorist Frere Benjamin Kiphalu Health Centre in Mbanza-Ngungu, Democratic Republic of Congo. The Project building was funded with support from International Redemptorist Agencies, […]

Blessing of Extension to Redemptorist Health Clinic in Mbanza-Ngungu, DRC

The Redemptorists in the Democratic Republic-of Congo , are committed to providing health services that make a difference to people’s lives in the DRC. The Redemptorists to mention just two health initiatives ,are driving health programmes in the Kimpese Health Zone and the Mbanza-Ngungu Zone . The photographs show the […]

Great Progress in Construction Work at Redemptorist Health Centre, Mbanza-Ngungu ...

POPULAR  MISSION Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Redemptorist Explicit Proclamation of the Gospel From October 22nd to October 26th, 2018 the Redemptorists of the Vice Province of Matadi, DRC led a momentous preached mission. The Popular Mission  gathered people  in the  Kitemoko Stadium , the main football stadium  in Mbanza -Ngungu […]

Popular Mission in the Matadi Vice Province