In 2005, at the invitation of the then Catholic Bishop Of Enugu, the Redemptorists came to Enugu diocese and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church Iva Valley situated in Enugu Metropolitian city was entrusted to them.  Later the bishop gave to the Redemptorists in perpetuity the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ugwogo Nike, Enugu.  The Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help is a pilgrimage centre geared towards the spiritual enrichment of people from all walks of life.  Redemptorists are renowned for their shrine ministries in countries as diverse as Brazil, the Philippines, the USA, Ireland etc.  These shrines become centre of prayer and healing and social action.

Pilgrims at the Enugu Shrine



The Redemptorists have a very big challenge ahead of them to develop the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Enugu.


The Redemptorists have identified the following Aims and Objective in their Shrine Ministry at Enugu:


  • The Shrine is established for the spiritual enrichment of all Catholic faithful and Christians of other denominations;
  • For the propagation of the devotion of Our Mother of Perpetual Help
  • Giving retreatants and pilgrims the opportunity to share in the spirituality of the Redemptorists;
  • To foster the growth of the Confraternity of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in the dioceses of Nigeria;


Pilgrims at the Enugu Shrine, Nigeria




The Redemptorists at Enugu have been able to construct some temporary structures that serve as both Church and hall for the pilgrims.  Also the Redemptorists  have developed a dual carriage access road that leads one into the shrine from the highway.  Recently, Our Mother of Perpetual Help Grotto was constructed.  This grotto houses the Mother of Perpetual Help Statute.


The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help covers more than seventy eight hectares of land.  Presently, hundreds of pilgrims come to the shrine daily for prayer.




The Redemptorists have developed an ambitious plan to build Hostels for Pilgrims. People and groups from different parts of the country come to the shrine either for retreats or spiritual exercises, but due to lack of accommodation at the shrine, these people often sleep at the make-shift shelters within the shrine.    The Redemptorists themselves live over an hour away from the shrine.  There is also a need to drill a Borehole for portable water.




The Redemptorists in Nigeria have a launched a campaign to raise €1.3 million to build hostels for the pilgrims.  The shrine is growing at incredible speed.  Please, think about supporting this Shrine Ministry by making a donation.