New School Project in Zimbabwe

Like in many other African countries, the Zimbabwean School system is largely overloaded, with huge deficits in its infrastructure. The eight Primary Schools in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, have an average of 1452 students, although the recommendation is a maximum of 900. The consequences are largely overcrowded schools, which has a negative impact on the educational experience. Also, children from migrant families, who make up approximately 40% of Chinhoyi’s population, often get neglected and excluded from education.

The Redemptorist Bishop of Chinhoyi is Raymond Mupa C.Ss.R. The Redemptorist Solidarity Office works together with Bishop Raymond and his team to implement strategies, to find solutions, to the education deficit. The Solidarity Office, with funding from other organisations, such as Misean Cara, are currently supporting the building of a primary school for 800 children.

The project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially with SDG 4, which sets a focus on quality education.

This school will also benefit other schools, as it helps in reducing the already mentioned overcrowding in schools. Furthermore, it increases the chances of children having access to quality education. This is especially important for migrant children, who otherwise would be excluded from education and therefore not integrated.

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