COREAM Assembly: Nairobi, Kenya

This year the COREAM Assembly was held in Nairobi, Kenya from the 8-15th of July at Donum Dei Centre. The meeting ran for a week with confreres from 13 countries that make up the Conference for Africa and Madagascar. Fr General Michael Brehl was part of the meeting and Fr Nikolas Ayouba the General Consultor for Africa and Madagascar was also present. With the heavy schedule of the two weeks and the busy-ness of the days, Fr General found time to come to the community in Karen, Nairobi-Kenya to celebrate the Eucharist with the community  here. On Sunday 15th July during the Eucharistic celebration he received the renewal of vows by Brothers Lewis Mutiso and Isaac Wainyoke. They had to renew their vows for 17 days, so that they don’t lapse. It was a beautiful and colorful mass with lots of inspiration and encouragement from Fr General. After mass he had the opponity to interact with the members of the community over lunch before leaving.

As soon as the COREAM meeting  concluded, the formators were also jetting into the country for their two weeks training. Fr Manny Rodriguez flew in from Rome to come and be with the formators. He spent his first couple of days in the community in Nairobi- Karen before moving over to Donum Dei Centre to get things in place for the training. Fr General had a few days with the formators and gave input, Fr Gerry O’Connor the Procurator for Africa and Madagascar also gave input to the formators. Fr Zephirin, the Coordinator for Africa and Madagascar gave input to the formators along with Br Cruz from the Brothers of Francis Xavier (Saverians). Their program was very tight but they found time their first weekend on a Sunday to come and celebrate mass with the community in Nairobi-Karen. All the students were present, the professed in their habits and philosophers in black trousers and white shirts. Fr Manny presided over the mass. At the end of mass Frs Christian Klu from Ghana and Joseph Musendami from Zimbabwe offered the three brothers; Isaac wainyoke and Lewis Mutiso would be making final vows and Thomas Mbogo after a year of novitiate in the Philippines would be making his first profession on the 4 th of August some Redemptorist wisdom, encouragement and explanation of the vows they were going to take. Fr Manny assure them of prayers and support from the brothers and offered congratulations in advance. It was a beautiful morning, well spent with the formators connecting with the students. It was a joy to see the formators from different parts of Africa gathered in one place and getting a moment to share and chat with the students. It was also good to see The Coordinator for Africa and Madagascar, Fr Zephirin being part of the conversations and present throughout. However it was sad to see and hear that South Africa, Angola, Mozambique and Madagascar were not represented. The formators departed for their second week of training, which saw Fr Alberto the Vicar flying into the country from Rome to have some sessions with the formators. It was good meeting them and we pray that the training they got help form men better for the Congregation.