Akua Adwibi: Water Vendor on the Pease Water Project

“My name is Akua Adwibi and I am a water vendor for the Pease Water Project.

This project has completely changed my life as I am now employed by the Pease Water Project. I can now afford to buy food and school uniforms for my children. Being employed by the project has given back my respect and dignity within the community as I am now able to make ends meet. Not only has the health and sanitation been immensely improved in my home, but the entire community has been positively impacted by the project.

Since this project has been completed, many changes are noticeable within the community;

  • Access to water has improved and the community has become a cleaner and safer place to be
  • The rate of diseases among children has decreased
  • Children are staying in school longer as they no longer have to travel long distances to fetch water
  • More children and women are safe as the collection points are now within the community

By working as a water vendor, I have also noticed a change in attitude towards women. I am now part of the water committee where I also represent women on vital community issues so that women are given a voice, and are a part and parcel of the development that takes place within the community.

My children also now attend the full school day. Their performance has greatly improved and their interest in their lessons has also increased.”