Reign of God through Media


The Redemptorists argue that the reign of God is spread in word, image, song, art, music etc.  The Redemptorist founder St. Alphonsus’ own gifts included not only writing over 100 books, but music, art and poetry, all of which he put at the service of the Gospel.  Today’s Redemptorist’s continue this service through the use of communications media.


The Redemptorists plan to develop their communications ministry in Africa and Madagascar.  Some of our initiatives include:


In South Africa, Redemptorist Pastoral Publications publish a weekly parish bulletin, the Catholic Link, and a number of booklets designed to help ordinary Catholics in their life of faith.  Redemptorist Pastoral Publications aim to provide a contextual treatment of pastoral issues in a way that combines clarity with brevity and simplicity with theological respectability.


In Zimbabwe, even in the midst of the economic meltdown, the Redemptorists  prioritise Redemptorist Publications through a bookshop which has recently moved to an improved facility and location.


Vuvu Kieto Radio

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Redemptorists operate a very popular radio station which is called Vuvu Kieto,  which means “Our Hope”.