RAMP is a movement in favour of the Redemptorist Africa and Madagascar Partnership.


RAMP works to strengthen the bonds of partnership with the people of Africa and Madagascar through the Redemptorist mission network.  There are RAMP groups in parishes, schools, colleges and connected to magazines and shrines and radio stations etc.


The RAMP group network is a structure that is forging the creation of a new generation of friends in support of the Redemptorist Mission in Africa and Madagascar. Members of RAMP groups gather at regular intervals to plan mission support activities in favour of Africa and Madagascar.  The activities include: advocacy work, fundraising events, liturgical and prayer gatherings, volunteering, information sharing and networking as well as publishing initiatives all in favour of Africa and Madagascar centred on the network carved out through Redemptorist endeavours.


RAMP groups participate in an international network.  There is a designated RAMP newsletter, called “RAMP UPDATE”.


For further information about initiating a RAMP group, please contact Gerry O’Connor C.Ss.R. at